I'm Gabriele.

Nice to meet you.




“Photography for Gabriele Di Martino isn’t just a full time job but also a great passion since years.

Three key elements can describe his method: respect, punctuality and control. In fact for Gabriele photography is a complete path that goes from the moodboard, the shooting, the editing and all the stages involved to realize a campaign, an editorial or whatever he must do.

Photography is also a passion because the love for what he does, since he was eighteen, gave him a completely new way to look at the world, searching everyday for different types of beauty in people, places, lights wherever he could, making every day a completely new journey as a photographer.”


you can find me also on models.com.

(Winner 1st PrizeNikon Talents 2012” Sport Cat. – Winner of the “World Cup 2013” with the FIAF Team Italy)

Partnership @ Canon Italia